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Elected best Oriental fragrance in the world!

Kalemat by Arabian Oud, proud of its exceptional quality, has been voted best fragrance in the world.

This unisex perfume is especially made both for Men and Women.

It is an original creation from the biggest perfumery on the planet, which is none other than Arabian Oud.

A fragrance which is very hard to find
Kalemat is very much sought after. The last client on the website told me how happy she was to find it here, as it is so hard to get elsewhere. [ At this price !]
Kalemat by Arabian oud
Musk note
Anise note
Rosemary flower note
White flower note
Amber note
Mahogany wood note
Cashmere wood note
Tilapia musc note

Kalemat by Arabian Out Perfume Review

You have to buy that fragrance!

Although it might seem disproportionate, here is my reaction when I start thinking about Kalemat by Arabian Oud.

This perfume, which boasts wonderful amber tones, is both affordable and highly addictive.

Everything starts with a very pleasant smell of caramelized amber that tends to remind us of crème brulée, then turns into a nice cloud which will go through all amber nuances: floral, fruity, woody, musky, smells of honey, or of Oud wood…

This perfume is a true success.

Before all, it is worth mentioning that Kalemat (also known as Kalimat or Kalamet) is a fragrance by the Saudi Arabian perfumery Arabian Oud, which boasts a magnificent perfumery on the Champs-Élysées.

Kalimat Oriental fragrance’s top notes are blackberry and anise. And don’t worry about this Arabian Oud perfume being too sweet…On the contrary, it remains well-balanced all the time.

If you are a food lover, you might instantly recognize the very distinctive smell of a crème caramel that had been slightly blasted with a blowtorch to make a mouth-watering caramelized sugar…This feeling is also brought on by a small touch of honey and musk, as soon as the perfume touches your skin.

Kalemat by Arabian Oud is not a heavy fragrance, so you will never be discomforted by its excessive presence…however, it leaves a wake of powerful fragrance, especially during the first two hours.

As a typical and prime representative of Middle-East fragrance, it is unsurprisingly Arabian Out Best Seller. Just try it and you’ll fall instantaneously in love with it.

After a few hours, Kalimat leaves its floral and fruity top notes to the woody middle notes, with strong scents of musk.

This is great news that Kalemat is being sold as 100 mL bottles, because, believe me, you won’t stop using it!

With only 2 spraying, the fragrance will last around 12 hours, which is quite excellent considering its price.

Although you did not have the opportunity to try Kalemat in the boutiques of Paris, London or New York, this perfume is well-worth a blind purchase. All reviews about Arabian Oud are excellent, all the more than it has also been named best fragrance in the world…


Parfum kalimat arabian Oud

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